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Passenger elevators are designed solely for transporting building tenants and their guests to and from their offices. For this reason, all deliveries, other than small, hand carried objects, are restricted to the loading dock, freight elevator and other service facilities of the building. In rare instances when passenger elevators are to be used for freight handling; wall, ceiling, and floor protection must be provided. This protection can be coordinated through the Property Management Office.

Building regulations prohibit all deliveries and interfloor activities on passenger elevators which require the use of hand-trucks or two- or four-wheeled carts, as well as movement of bulky objects regardless of how they are carried. In addition, construction personnel are required to use the freight elevators for all interfloor movement as a means of controlling dust and debris.

All vendors making deliveries via the loading dock are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance prior to the delivery per the insurance requirements of the building.

Please click here for Vendor Insurance Requirements

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