Moving Procedures

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Contractor Qualifications
Contractor Rules and Regulations
Covid-19 Re-Entry Plan
Freight Elevator and Building Dock Policies
General Rules and Regulations
Moving Procedures
Vendor Insurance Requirements

For tenants performing moves in or out of the building, all moving companies must comply with Building Management's insurance requirements prior to being allowed into the Building. See the Vendor Insurance Requirements section.

All moves must be scheduled after-hours with a minimum of two days advanced notice. There is an additional charge for after-hours dock time. Please contact the office of the building to coordinate your move and any extra hours personnel that will be required to monitor the loading dock or assist with operation of the freight elevator. See specific details regarding the loading dock under Freight Elevator and Building Dock Policies.

The moving company must protect all corners in high traffic areas as well as all door frames. The wall surfaces should be covered with padding up to a 48-inch height. The hallway carpeting must be covered with sheets of Masonite board. The Masonite floor covering should be butt-jointed and taped with two inch duct tape to hold the material securely in place, and to avoid any safety risks caused by overlapping boards.

All new tenants should complete the Tenant Move-In Forms and submit them to the Office of the Building prior to their move in date.

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