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Fire Safety

Automatic systems include overhead sprinklers that provide immediate response to any significant fire. An automatic alarm is set off whenever water flows through the overhead sprinklers. The system automatically sends a signal to an off-site monitoring company, which calls the Fire Department.

Automatic devices in alarm will activate air-handling equipment to shut down automatically to prevent the spread of smoke. At the same time, elevators are returned to the lobby and stairwell re-entry doors will unlock electrically to facilitate relocation.

The Fire Command Station has direct communication with each floor, and stairwell via the Public Address System. This network of speakers can be used to give verbal instructions or information should the need arise. Building operations staff is trained to assist in any emergency.

Due to the fire resistant qualities of the building, total evacuation of the building is very rare. Relocation is usually necessary only from the floor with the fire and the floor directly above, and below, and alarms will usually sound only on these floors. Additional floors may be evacuated when ordered by the Fire Safety Director, Fire Department personnel, or Police. Do not self-evacuate.

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