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To ensure the safe and efficient evacuation of all occupants in the event of an emergency, we strongly recommend that each tenant develop an evacuation plan. Having an emergency evacuation plan in place is extremely valuable in saving lives and property. If you require additional assistance in developing an emergency response plan for your suite, please contact the Building Management Office for assistance.

Evacuation Guidelines

If it becomes necessary to relocate due to a fire or other emergency:

  1. Follow instructions from Property Management personnel or the Fire Department, which you will hear over the loud speakers. Do not self evacuate.
  2. Walk; do not run to the nearest exit stair. Close Doors as you leave the work area and do not lock them.
  3. Take your cell phone but leave your lap-top, briefcase, etc.
  4. Check exit door stairwell for smoke or heat before entering. If smoke/heat is present, use an alternate stairwell. Do not use the elevators.
  5. Use handrails in stairwells.   Stay to the right. Assist staff members with disabilities.
  6. If you have been instructed to remain in the building, but to evacuate your floor, you should proceed to the floor instructed by the Chicago Fire Department until you reach a designated re-entry floor. Call The Fire Command Station via the Fire warden telephone for further instructions
  7. If you have been instructed to evacuate the building, take the fire stairs to the lobby level and proceed to the nearest exit. Building personnel will be available to provide direction from the building to your designated relocation area. When exiting the building, watch for falling glass and debris.  Each tenant should have a designated meeting place at least two blocks away from the building.

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