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The freight elevator is available for normal deliveries between 7:00AM and 4:15PM Monday through Friday. During these hours, a freight operator is available to ensure that all deliveries are made in a timely manner and all vendors or contractors entering the building have properly checked in with the security at the loading dock.

Deliveries that take longer than 30 minutes will not be permitted before 6:00PM on weekdays. Deliveries requiring extended primary use of the freight elevator will need to be scheduled and coordinated with the Building Management Office.

To schedule after-hours or extended use of the freight elevator, contact the Building Management Office at least 24 to 48 hours in advance, and your reservation will be confirmed by the Building Management Office upon receipt. Specific rate information for freight usage can be found in the Fee Schedule.

Protection of the building carpets, walls and elevators is required and must be provided by the moving contractor. After the move, the moving contractor should perform a general clean-up, leaving the area clear of all cartons, packing materials, masonite panels, pads, etc.

For exclusive usage requests, the freight elevator is available to only one tenant per evening with a four (4) hour minimum period Monday through Friday. Morning requests must be scheduled to take place before 7:00AM and evening requests must begin after 6:00PM. Saturday and Sunday requests are based on a four (4) hour minimum and can be scheduled anytime during the day.

Freight Car Dimensions (inside):        

Door Height - 7' 
Door Width - 5'
Width - 8'9"
Length - 6'

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